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    Toyota Makes a Change at the Top as a Toyoda Steps Aside

    Akio Toyoda, who has been reluctant to embrace all-electric vehicles, will be succeeded as C.E.O. by a Lexus executive.
    3 hours ago

    With Layoffs, Retailers Aim to Be Safe Rather Than Sorry (Again)

    Companies that ramped up hiring in areas like technology over the past few years are cutting back as customers slow…
    5 hours ago

    Southwest Lost $220 Million Because of Its Holiday Meltdown

    The airline canceled 16,700 flights before and after Christmas as it struggled to recover from bad weather.
    7 hours ago

    Tesla Bulls Are Back at the Wheel

    Shares in the electric carmaker continued to rally after the company reported strong profits, even amid growing competition and economic…
    10 hours ago

    TikTok’s New Defense in Washington: Going on the Offense

    Keeping its head down has not paid off for the company, which now faces regulatory pressure on many fronts. So…
    11 hours ago

    For the First Time Ever, I’m Optimistic About Women in the Movie World

    In a good movie year — and whatever you may have heard, 2022 was such a year — I find…
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